Update 1.001 - Huge update!

Hi again, not much time to type this out.

Since my release on newgrounds, the reviews were overwhelmingly asking for new features-

1.Upgrading the weapon system.

2.Adding a functional minimap

3.Making the game "harder" and not lag to death.

So I did all 3.

The original 1 gun with powerups was scrapped. Powerups are now gone, and replaced with 1 default weapon and 4 unique other weapons.

Pistol, Powerball gun, Machine gun, Tri shot crossbow and Rail rocket launcher. All have new custom graphics and unique bullets and bullet counters.

There is now a working minimap which shows the location of the player, collectables and all zombies.

And to make the game less prone to lagging to death, there is now a hard cap on zombie spawn limits, this is subject to change, however all zombies get faster and more aggressive over time, making the game harder as you survive longer.

The default weapon was also nerfed, making alternate weapons more valuable.

All in all that's most of the update.


One Too Many Zombies 1001 HTML5.zip Play in browser
Nov 19, 2017

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