UPDATE 1.001 released! Mini-map, revamped Z aggression and revamped weapon system included.

Top down shooter featuring both touchscreen and Mouse & Keyboard controls. WSAD to move, R to reload and LMB to fire, or use the onscreen touch controls for touch devices. Reloading discards your current weapon and reverts you to the default pistol. Use weapon pickups and medkits to help you survive. Use the minimap to locate the powerups and help you avoid the zombie hordes.

NOTE: Touchscreen Controls work as follows: Tap a direction to consistently move that way tap the d-pad center to stop. Hold and rotate on the right stick to aim and shoot. Shooting while moving is helpful to survival.

I used some assets from Kenney's first 2 megapacks, though many were modified in Affinity Designer and many were created from scratch. Now featuring a multitude of new custom weapon and bullet graphics. I made the music and all the sound FX myself as well as programmed the game in Construct 3. Please leave a comment if you find any bugs this is not a final release :)

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