A game made in less than 50 hours for GameDev Underground's second JimJam.

You have 90 years to live, and each one of those years passes by every second,.Time is against you and death is innevitable, can you find your way through a maze of doors and hazards?

Advisory: This game might be an epilepsy trigger so if you have that condition I would advise you not to play it.

Important:When the game starts a single mouse click will start the controls working!

Controls - A&D/Left stick = move

Space/controller A = jump
Y/controller Select = Give up and respawn

Collect keys and find power-ups to access previously inaccessible areas.


Programming, Art, Animation, SFX, and Music made by Fatal Exit.

Software used: Construct 3, Affinity Designer, Aseprite, Creature 2d, BFXR, Fl Studio

Development log


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really good game!

Thanks for the awesome comment :D

Hey there! Amazing short little game here! Life is short indeed. But here's a little Gameplay I made!


Amazing thank you, will watch in a minute, did you finish it?

yes i did!